Collection at source: what precautions to take?

Withholding tax will take place in 2019. Taxpayers – and businesses – must take precautions, starting with the choice of rate until 15 September.
The withholding tax (PAS) of income tax, already delayed by one year, will finally take place in January 2019 as announced by the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, Tuesday, September 4, 2018 on TF1. investissement défiscalisant
New: a development for the beneficiaries of tax credits. As of January 15, taxpayers benefiting from reduction and tax credits in 2018 will receive a deposit of 60% instead of the 30% originally planned and 40% during the summer. “All tax credits and tax cuts are concerned,” said Minister Gérald Darmanin on Franceinfo this September 5: personal services, rental investment, accommodation in Ehpad, etc. The cost of this measure would amount to € 5 billion. comment défiscaliser en immobilier
Even if the levy is well automated for the approximately 16 million tax households concerned (only 43.3% of tax households were taxable in 2017) taxpayers, some precautions should be taken.
=> By September 15, 2018: check the chosen option between personalized rate home or individualized rate or neutral rate. This rate is found at the end of the tax notice 2018 received in recent days in the secure personal space of each taxpayer on the website As an indication, the tax office gives the alternative (for example, detail on the individualized rate for each taxfiler if it is the household rate that was chosen during delecration). The change of option is done by simple click.
=> Between September 16 and the end of November 2018: taxpayers will still be able to change rates, but the process will be more complex because it will contact the tax center. Employees of some companies will receive their payslips with indicative “net to pay after tax levy”.

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